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    hello & thanks to constintinevamp&von spyder for lots of good info so far..i would like some tips on finding a more snug fitting usb adaptor (i think mine is 24pin type & is loose fitting) . ive tried looking on eken page but this seems to be 30pin i dont think it will fit mine. any alternative solutions would be appreciated. also, i want to uninstall phone apps if they are useless but i cant uninstall in settings (dialer &contacts anyway). also, my flash player (evaluation copy) seems pretty poor and i cant watch web vids at a decent speed. i have rooted it & i am running on uberoid rom. any tips at all are very welcome, even ones not covering my topics as i am new to all this android stuff. oh..one more thing, where can i get a mouse from? will any usb mouse do or does it need to be android compatible? all i have seen on ebay are voip ones & they aint cheap!! thanks again to all whose info i have used up to now to improve my tab (mid703 i think).

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