I'm locked out of my Acer tablet

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    I finally got my tablet back from my cousin who borrowed it, and unfortunately my other cousins who didn't have access tried logginginto the tablet and locked out the pin access. It now says that I need to login using my Google account, which I neveruse but signed up for when registering the tablet. Unfortunately I didn't rememberthe password. So I logged into Googleand reset my password on the account. Unfortunatelywhen I try and log into my tablet it doesn't work.

    I figure it must be internally set to my old password that Idon't remember and my Google account doesn't have a log of my oldpasswords. Since I can't log into thetablet it can't verify my new password on Google can it? The frustrating thingis I know the pin access but I’m locked out of the pin access.

    So how do I rest my tablet or gain access


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