IMO Z6 (Clone LY-F8C) USB connection problem

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    IMO Z6
    Hi, i have an Indonesian tablet (IMO Z6, clone of LY-F8C, u probably never heard this one) and i have a problem..

    Prob: My tablet cant connect to ANY PC!


    • Show NO sign of charging (from USB), BUT it charges when the tablet are off..
    • The PC show no sign of connection too (Theres no indicator sound and message when i connect the cable to PC)
    • The PC DID NOT even show the message that USB not recognized...
    • The USB cable can be used for flashing the tablet with original firmware with LiveSuit when the tablet in upgrade mode (or download mode)

    Ive tried several solution which didnt works:
    -Changing the usb cable
    -rebooting the android and the PC
    -Wipe data/factory reset the tablet
    -Wipe dalvik cache and battery stats
    -Reinstalling driver with USBdeview
    -Reflashing original firmware (surprisingly, it can be flashed by LiveSuit from PC that require USB connection while the tablet in upgrade mode)
    -Updating rom with CyanogenMod Rom

    Tablet screenshot:

    Tablet Manufacturer website:
    Ponsel IMO | Mobile Entertainment

    Tablet firmware download site (search LY-F8C):
    SHENZHEN LYRIC PIONEER CO., LTD-LYXF TABLE PC --- DownLoads (Its a chinese site, use google translator)

    I would be very thankful if you know how to solve my problem...

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