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Discussion in 'ViewPad 10' started by didster, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I have acquired a viewpad 10 (not the "S" or the "Pro" - the dual boot windows 7 thing) and am trying to get it connected up to my PC (WinXP) for USB debugging.

    USB debugging is enabled on the device. It is running 2.2 via the "official" firmware from Viewsonic's site.

    I have an A-A cable which I'm connecting to the PC.

    It does... nothing ;o). There is no indication it is even looking for something on the PC. It doesnt ask for drivers etc.

    I assume this is because both the device & windows are in host mode? How can I check this? Would a USB OTG cable help? Or is there anyway to get the tablet out of host mode? Dont mind rooting it/relashing if needed

    Thanks very much
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    I don't these will work that way. These tablets are more like a netbook without a keyboard. You will have to transfer files wth a USB or microSD card. Or use Dropbox.

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