(important!) apad can't make it through the welcome sign? Solution here

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    Hello. Last week, I was experiencing some problems with my new Apad (iRobot) as regards turning on the device. When I tried to do so, the display would show the initial picture, then turn black and show the picture again, and the sequence would repeat itself until the end of times. I couldn't find an answer to this problem, and I even thought of sending the tablet back to China. The day after, I found a solution, and I thought of posting it on the net for all the I-padders to access it if they might, since lots of people had had the same issue.
    This is what you have to do:
    1. Hold the "Back" and the "Home" buttons together firmly for about ten seconds before turning on the tablet.
    2. Turn on the tablet.
    3. Now, the display won't turn black, but show the initial picture continually, as frozen.
    4. Leave the tablet ON for about 5 hours. The battery will lose the whole charge.
    5. Now, turn the device off and recharge it.
    6. Disconnect the tablet and use it as you always did.

    I really hope this is useful to somebody!

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