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Discussion in 'Gome Flytouch II Firmware' started by geofferyh, Sep 15, 2012.

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    I tried to install SmaRkieS OTG Method Android 2.2-4325 firmware on my Flytouch 2/Superpad and it went badly.

    Now my screen flashes off and on continually. I can (and have) reinstalled Android 2.1 firmware 1170, 2852 and 3245 without any problem except for the continual flashing of the screen. The flashing (Flickering) is faster when the battery is fully charged. Also, the lower-right corner of screen (Ethernet Connector corner) gets very hot. I think the "U-boot-nand.bin" install for the failed SmaRkieS 2.2 firmware-4325 update may be the problem. Afterward, the initial startup screen said "Android World" in big letters and then the flashing started for the rest of the time the tablet was running.

    I concocked an experimental SDCard Android 3245 install that included android 1480 recovery_rd, U-Boot.img from Android 2852 and U-Boot-Nand.bin from Android 2852 and I got the Superpad working again, but still with the flickering screen.

    Then, using the Stragulus two SDCard install method, I installed Android 2.2. The install appears to be successful, but now my screen still flashes off and on continually. I still have the infotomic (587) start screen, upper-left corner penquin, equalizer bars and then "Android" until "mountain view" security screen comes up. Everything appears good, but screen keeps flickering. Also, the tablet is still running hot.

    Questions that come to mind:

    How can I roll-back or reflash the Nand ROM for a new install?
    Where can I get the correct U-boot-nand.bin files for reinstalling my original firmware 1170 or even 3245? Bootloader needed?
    Why were the U-boot.img, u-boot.bin, u-boot.S and u-boot-spl.bin files not also installed with U-Boot-Nand.bin?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    For more info, see revised post at:
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