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Discussion in 'Samsung Based' started by elgecko, May 22, 2011.

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    I have several questions I hope people here can help me out with...

    I purchased this tablet:
    7" Tablet PV210 Samsung CPU SA8, Android 2.2, Flash 10 - eBay (item 160569861563 end time Jun-06-11 01:26:05 PDT)

    Here are the specs:


    Is this what people are calling the Dropad A8/Haipad M7?
    My instruction booklet states several times MID703. This may be a generic booklet and not my device at all?

    Looking at my device it appears my OS is from 3/22/11.
    Looking at the forums I see firmware updates here:
    This one is from 4/19/11 and says mid703_android2.3_2011_04_19.rar. The beginning of the filename matches what is in my instruction booklet, MID703.

    I also see here:
    Is an update M7+_2.3_20110519.rar

    Now for more of my questions,
    Are these updates able to work on my tablet? Do either of them include the official market?
    What are the benefits to updating? (I imagine to fix issues and make the tablet run better? Does it fix problems, but create new problems?)
    Any way to backup the current system in case of a problem and reinstalling the original?
    If I update the tablet does all the apps I currently have in it need reinstalled?

    Have had this tablet a little over a week and very impressed with it for the $$. There are a few apps I have tried to install that will not, but nothing I have to have on the tablet..... maybe the firmware update will fix it....

    I'm sure after I hit the post button I will think of so other questions. LOL

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