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Discussion in 'Nexus 7' started by KimZak, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Nexus 7
    I just ordered a nexus 7, 7 inch 32gb from fingerhut.
    The first 2 days I had it , It ran fine, no issues, then i went to use it outside the house.
    I used the car charger in my husbands van to charge it while we were on the road, And then when we got home, it just wouldnt work.
    I tred turning it on, no avail.
    Then I went on the forums to see if anyone had the same problems as me.
    I did the hard reset once, and it worked, so then i emailed asus and they told me to to another hard reset, but when i went to go turn it on i got a flashy screen and tv type static that popped in and out when i tried to reset.
    Here's what happened:
    I was using it in the van, saw the battery was low so i charged it.
    set it on my lap and turned the screen off since i wasnt using it.
    I went to wake up the screen, wouldn't turn on.
    kept pressing the power button in 30 second intervtals, nothin.
    Plugged it in and pressed the power button and volume down button and that's when the tv static and flashy screen happened.
    Got home, tried all the same thing, nothing.
    I emailed fingerhut and they said to ship it back and they will send me a new one.
    I don't want to be without a tablet if all possible...but I don't know what else to do unless there is a fix for this.
    I finally gave up and packed it up back in the box and let it sit for 2 days.
    I went and tried to see what would happen , if it would start up after being left alone for 2 days, so i plugged it in and it worked fine, i used it all day and last night and then it started acting up agaibn.
    So i let it sit over night and finally after 8 hours it turned back on.
    I did another reset and right now at this moment it is behaving itself, but i don't know for how long.
    anyone have any suggestions?
    I would appreciate it.
    I am thinking if this keeps up I am going to exchange it for a samsung galaxy 7 in 8 gb.
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    Hi KimZak, it sounds like your car charger doesn't work or at least doesn't provide enough juice to charge the Nexus 7. I am pretty sure even though you thought it was charged it wasn't and all the other stuff is because you were forcing a drained tablet to try and power on and reset. If that happens again in the future make sure you charge it for a full day and night on the Nexus charger plugged in to a working wall outlet before going to all of the other steps you tried.


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