Please dear god help!! TP12A A13 based rom needed.

Discussion in 'Allwinner A13 Based' started by rghering, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Ok, so we got a couple of these tablets. The TP12A *see New Android 4.0 10.2

    Was gona use one for development and give the other to my kid for Xmas. Well long story short I lost Android on BOTH.

    So I contacted AGPtek via their forums. Seems helpful enough, gave me a link to the restore image.
    I.E posting AGPtek Forum • View topic - Recovery Image for TP12A but I cannot get this image to load.

    I can get the TP-10 image to load but it give me a 7 inch screen on my 10 inch tablet, and I loose the touchscreen.

    I am running out of time here, does anyone have a nandroid backup of a similar 10 inch tablet with 5 point capacitive touchscreen?

    Livesuit does NOT work well.. But I'd try other livesuit images as well.

    btw I'm not a noob at this, I've got 4 other dev tablets as well. I just need to get one of the NEW ones running so I don't have to buy yet another for my kid.

    I thank anyone who can help me out.


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