Please : Need nand partition extract from Eken101A

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    Eken T01A (A10)
    Hi all,

    new to the Android world, i need a nand extract from Eken T01A tablet

    ideally nand a, nand c and system nand

    i'll be very happy to have these files as i've to rebuilt an SDcard to boot on to reflash my Eken.

    --edit, more infos to clarify my situation

    3 weeks ago, my nefew received a chinese tablet, no visible brand, with charging problems.

    As i'm the familly geek, and repair all the electronic stuff, he brings to me the no booting stuff, stuck at a little android logo.

    After some google search and opening the tablet, i've discovered an Allwinner A10, with some ram, nand, sdslot, usb host (for external keys like 3G dongle), usb port for sync / charge purpose, a badly soldered battery, a cheap wifi antenna, etc..

    My first step to bring back the tablet to life was the firmware update process.

    So, here come all the Livesuits boring things.

    I'm unable to flash any official firmware downloaded from the eken support site.
    Livesuite does not work at all in multiple situations.
    - fresh XP install on a new PC
    - fresh seven install on parallels (i'm a macosx user)
    - fresh xp install on parallels.

    versions 1.07, 1.09, etc.. don't work, and the only thing i've got now is a erased internal nand (i'm sure) and a sytematic boot to FEL mode.

    I've also tested PhoenixUSB, Pheonix card (to write image file to SD and boot;.) , and after a week, i've let this stuff behind me.

    I've also found a broken livesuit for linux64, to run under Linux ubuntu, but didn't work at all too, as it's a mix of shellscript and wine emulation things.
    My second step was to understand an discover all the boot process of the A10, and hardware.
    I've discovered u-boot SPL, FEL mode, memory management, etc.. all stuff found on the incredible internet.

    So my idea was to extract firmware contents and rebuilt a sdcard to boot on, have an adb connexion, to reflash the internal nand.

    So my skills are up now, but not enough to have a booting sd :)

    The positive point is that when i put my SD card, the A10 is no more booting in FEL mode, so the boot0->boot1 is ok from the SD.

    The negative point is that i cannot see where my process is ending as there is no console port on my motherboard.
    I know that i can reconfigure the srcript.bin to route the rx pin and tx pin to the sdcard pins and have a console with some sd to usb adapter but as i need to boot from my sdcard, it's not a good way for now. (i'll order some adapter next week).

    I have two sdcards for now :
    one with the firmware partitions in it (9 total created an populated with an adapted method from Jas Hacks: Hackberry A10 - Booting Android from an SD Card).

    an other with only one partition, and the recovery partition extracted and adapted (initxx.rc) to mount the good partition instead of the nand ones.
    all the recovery fs and the bootfs is on the first and unique partition.

    But : i'm sure there is a problem with the kernel from the stock firmware.
    The kernel has some configuration parts (visible with a strings command) that always refer to nand. so the uImage created is not correct and may never load /init ..

    To continue my investigations, i need some help, and if you're a EkenT01A owner, i'll will appreciate to have the nand partitions images of a running tablet, to compare with the firmware images partitions and see if i can so some modifying in order to boot.

    --- end of edit

    thanks a lot and have a nice day !
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