Poor writing / drawing with a capacitive pen

Discussion in 'Acer Iconia A100' started by journey, Nov 28, 2011.

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    I picked up one of the A100's at BB's mid-night sale last week ;-) This is my first Android device, and so far, I really like the 7" format and the android OS.

    I was hoping to be able to use the A100 for taking notes during some meetings. To that end, the only downside so far has been how poorly the A100 does with a capacitive touch 'pen' -- it seems nearly impossible to draw a line without the line being broken up (i.e., a straight line looks more like morse-code than a line) and forget anything that involves a curve. I have tried several different capacitive pens, and so far, all have done poorly. If I press hard enough, I can draw a straight line without skipping, but as soon as I try anything with a curve...

    My wife has an ipad and has been able to use a capacitive touch pens, so I know it is possible with some capacitive tablets. Actually, I stopped by Bestbuy yesterday, I tried 3-4 different tablets. Actually, one was a HTC Flyer, which really does not count though ;-) I found the Galaxy tablets to work pretty well though with the capacitive touch pen.

    All of my previous devices have had resistive type screens and were good devices for capturing notes, and I realize that a capacitive touch screen is not going to perform as well (i.e., unless I purchase one of the devices that has an ntrig or wacom (sp?) digitizer like the Lenovo Thinkpad or one of the 2 HTC models).

    I had hoped that the A100 would do better and perhaps I am overlooking a setting that could be adjusted or perhaps some magic s/w that would help.

    Other than 'Quit your whinning', are there any suggestions on a setting(s) that I may have overlooked?

    BTW, I have ordered an Adonit Jot, so I will see if that does any better.

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    Do you have a screen protector? These can reduce the effectiveness of the styluses.

    I have a Dagi P504 and an Adonit Jot Pro for use with my Transformer. Both work great, no screen protector. I have not tried it with any of the Acer tablets to know how it performs compartiviely.

    I really hope the Adonit works out for you as a stylus is a great addition to any tablet, especially for note taking.

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