Proscan PLT1077G Turns Off At 96% Charge

Discussion in 'Other Platforms' started by MellyZtorm, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Dec 28, 2016
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    Model: Proscan PLT1077G
    Android: 4.4.2

    Checked site for updates and found nothing. Checked sleep settings and it is as high as it can go (30mins). Less than 15mins and it shuts off (96%). Battery saver and calibrator were tried but still reoccurring. I've tried the safe mode method. It says Recovery Mode, Fastboot Mode and Normal Mode. All were tried to no avail. This problem has been going on for some time now. When the tablet shuts down at 96%, I try to press the power button to turn it back on and it won't. It will only power back on once I connect the charger. The screen will say battery is red (maybe 3%-5% range) and then flickers to 96%. I've charged it for many hours and it still says it is 100%, but when I use it, it turns off once the battery reaches 96%. I can't seem to find a fix, and have tried what I have found as suggestions (Battery calibration, safe mode, hard reset, etc). When this first started it would go back to factory on every power up. Now it just does this. Please help because I am about to just trash it. This is my mother-in-law's tablet that I bought on Amazon (Feb. 2015) as a gift. I'd hate for it to have to be trashed as she uses it a lot for games and email. Thank you for any feedback.

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