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Discussion in 'Viewsonic gTablet Technical' started by neteru, Apr 25, 2011.

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    After I had serious problems with my speakers(static,popping,no sound) I decided to crawl the web and find if any other users had this issue. I had flashed the ROM many times..even had Vegan 7 experimental going. I thought that maybe during all the flashing I had done something to my sound drivers. I was clueless. the speakers would work for a few minutes after a reboot. I was going crazy(Haven't cursed that much since my seventh xbox360 died)..anyway.. I typed for the search" GTablet speakers popping, static" Sure enough I found an archived thread at XDA that spoke of a user who had the same thing and even said that it went away after rebooting. I regained my sanity. Apparently this is a software/build issue from Viewsonic. The guy at XDA had to send his back to them. I wasn't about to wait that long so I returned my unit to amazon. I am no longer a GTablet owner..I'm sorry..I dropped the extra coin and picked up an Acer A500 from best buy this morning for $449.99:)

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