Tablet Won't Come On

Discussion in 'Ice Cream Sandwich' started by hazeleyes, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Uniden Android Tablet 4.0
    I've got a Android tablet that won't come on or if it does it gets stuck on the logo screen. I have researched alot and I have find the solution but the problem is I don't have a computer. I've got a Huawei Ascend phone that I'm trying to fix my problem. Also seems I have a very off tablet because I can't find info on it no where. I'm pretty sure I corrupted a file on the tablet please help me fix it.Here's my tablets info:Operating system: Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich)Processor:ARM CORTEX_W8Processors speed: 1 GHzRAM:512NV DDR3Graphic Accelerator: OpenFL ED 2. 0 (3d game support)Display-7' capacitive multi touch screenModel:UTAB71That's all the information I have on it. please help me to get my tablet back up and running.

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