tablets with hook up to non wifi ? confused

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by Nikit, Dec 1, 2011.

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    So I'd like to get my husband a cheap tablet for work ..he just needs to browse the internet, use craigslist and be able to check email and transfer pic from email to craigslist. And Idk if its possible but do some tablets hook up to your internet thru another computer to get the internet access? He will mostly have access to wifi but his work he only has cable internet. Would a cheap Chinese one cut it? I don't wanna spend more than 70$ if possible..any suggestions? ?
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    Not sure which one this is but here is a recent post for an inexpensive tablet

    Most tablets do not have the default ability to connect to the internet via a usb tether to a pc (usually people want it the other way around connecet the pc through a phone or tablet with data connection). It is possible but it is tricky since you basically have to reverse tether. I'm not sure about your husband's work setup but you can get a basic wifi router for under $20 or wireless access card if he has the ability to add one at work. Reverse tethering also requires taking some actions on the computer to allow it to share its internet connection which may or nay not be allowed at your husband's work.

    Other options are to use a smart phone as a hot spot or to get a stand alone wireless hot spot. Of course those options involve data charges.


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