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    Techpad 700X
    I have a couple questions regarding a tablet my wife bought me as a birthday gift and am not sure she got what she ordered!
    1. its a techpad 700X 10 inch tablet but i dont know where to identify if it is in fact a techpad 700X. It came in a superpad VI box.
    2. says its a multi touch touch screen and using a touch tester app , it only detects 2 touch points.
    3. when typing on it ,using the touchscreen keyboard,im a 1 finger slow typer and it cannot even keep up with a slow typer .
    4. this tablet came without bluetooth and just curious if when the new OS (jelly bean i think) it supposed to have bluetooth ability with it , so would this tablet then allow bluetooth or is this a hardware requirement that i will never be able to use bluetooth?
    Im only asking these questions because im new to tablets and this is a lousy way to get started lol and not be sure i got what she ordered and just looking for ways to verify this is in fact a techpad 700X

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