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Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by Philtablet, Mar 13, 2012.

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    The update is slowly being released and I suppose I will make a list of things that I see with my unupdated Vizio.

    When you put a clean SDHC card (I have tried patriot and Transend class 4) it adds two folders to your SD Card.

    Natively it plays WMA and MP3 audio files.

    Natively it plays MP4 and AVI video files formatted for IPod and PSP

    I can use GPS but I should try Google earth so that I can see the difference between the updated and unupdated Vizio.

    My browser when I use for manga comics will close after reading a chapter or two. (It closes the browser in order to clear space to work on uploading more cartoons.)

    Usually watching more than one video will cause the browser to close in order to clear space for more videos.

    So far no one has reported of any changes on E book use.

    I have not added any launcher.

    I doubt that you can return back to the original version.

    No one has bricked their Vizio because of an update.

    I am spoiled, I rarely use my camera.

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