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    How to change your home screen

    So you have just got your flytouch 2 and your not to keen on the 3d effects and the slow home screen. Well there is many apps on the market that can change this but the flytouch 2 dosent let you use them. So i will show you how to download them and keep the new home screens. ( this will improve speed of your tablet and alot more customization for example you can have more columns and rows on your home screen)

    Step 1: First of all your going to have to head over to my Tutorial and how to root your device, make sure you install root explorer after you have done. Here

    Step 2: Now open root explorer and navigate to system/app and look for wowHome.apk

    Step 3: Look to the top of root explorer you should see Mount R/W tap it and it should change to Mount R/O

    Step 4: Now hold down on wowHome.apk till the menu pops up, select rename and name it wowHome.apkz

    Step 5: Click home in the top left corner or press the home button and you should be promoted with Use setup wizzard or home. Just click home for now.

    Step 6: If you like the default look you can keep it if you want but i would recommend using one of the apps below. Just download one and place on a memory stick or sd card, open with wowfilemanager and install.

    launcher pro

    This is the one i use. Download

    ADW launcher

    This one is also very good. Download
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    what's the point of this?? If you install a new launcher app, say Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher, then when you press the home button it will always prompt you to choose the default launcher. Just select the one you want and it will always use that launcher.....

    otherwise, just download the app "Default App Manager" and set it up from there. It's way easier and less error in case newbies screw up something.......anyway ur guide works but it's unnecessarily complicated. Not to mention it's better to use Titanium Backup to freeze apps that you don't want to use, it's safer this way as well.
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    My experience with this tablet is that unless you re-name the wowlauncher the home key in the top left hand corner will take you to the wowlauncher not the new launcher you have installed.

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