USB Modem in ePad zte180?

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    ePad zte180,Android 2.2
    Hi friends!
    I got an ePad (Model : zte180, Adroid 2.2) device. I want to connect an USB Modem (Airtel) so that I can use it to connect to the internet. I followed the following procedures:
    go to settings-->Wireless&Network--->Mobile networks --->Access Point Name --->Add new access point.

    Now, the problem comes with adding a new access point. My ePad is requesting for MNC and MCC values, which I don't know, I also went to my cellular company officess (Airtel) they also can't know the values for MNC and MCC. So we tried filling anything, like 123 in MCC and MNC. Then I saved the APN. But even after that, I can't get to the internet.After rebooting, when I navigate to Access Point Name, I can't even see the APN I had created and saved. I'm a computing guy but quite new to ePad/Android.
    Can someone help please?

    With thanks,

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