Very bad expirience with Coby Tablet Customer Support ÄVOID

Discussion in 'Vendor Services Discussion' started by JoeGlider, Feb 2, 2013.

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    It's extremely sad the way Coby treat their customers, they don't demonstrate any respect, their support is poor or have any, don't answer any emails, takes forever to return items under warranty. I bought this tablet (pre-order) as a result of lot of search and have to wait for months until it came available to the public. Never ever going to buy anything from them again. If I would have the chance to return the product and get a refund I would do it. Ex. Sent a new tablet Kyros MID-9042-8 for repair (no touchscreen) on January 8, 2013 USPS with tracking and I still waiting for a response from them. I forgot to take the 32GB memory card from the tablet and tried to contact customer care several times to let them know but haven't any success. This week I talk to somebody who told me that they trough it away and that I should wait 6 to 8 more weeks if I have luck to receive my tablet back. "What a service". They don't deserve any support from us. I'm very upset and discomfort with their customer service/support and I'll let people know of the kind of support and service they have. Hope to get the tablet sooner. I already start looking for another brand who could offer a better tablet less expensive.:mad:
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    Coby does not make their own units but acquires them from China and slaps their name on them. This is why Coby tablets will have multiple hardware revisions within a single model. This is also why they require you fork over $15 and wait two months to get a new unit. Worse than that is them not keeping up with current trends. Coby's upcoming units, which are likely to be their Generation 4 line, finally have dual-core processors, only a year or so after everybody else.

    The warranty, such as it is, never was a concern for me because these tablets were cheap and I am the type that will dig into a piece of electronics and try to fix it myself. Case in point was when my roommate dropped her 9742. She broke the AC adapter jack inside it. The money and the wait weren't going to be acceptable to me or her, so I opened it up, which is easy enough to do, and fixed it myself. The jack's plastic shell had broken apart and the contacts of the broken part had lifted clean off the motherboard, which should give you a clue as to the quality of their wave soldering. In the wave soldering process the contacts of the jack were not properly covered in solder, meaning that eventually the jack would lift off the board due to the act of plugging in the adapter. I had to add solder and properly cover the feet.

    I've never had to deal with Coby's customer service, and after repeatedly reading horror stories of issues with them, I never will deal with them. Even though my 9742 has been trouble free and my roommate's has only had the one problem I fixed, my next tablet will not be a Coby but likely a Lenovo A2109 (same form factor, 9.7").

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