**** Windows on 'haipad M701 with 7 "- POSSIBLE? ****

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    you can install windows on 'haipad M701 with 7 "SCREEN? If you can find where the instructions and the rom upgrade?you can install windows on 'haipad M701 with 7 "SCREEN? If you can find where the instructions and the rom upgrade?
    [COLOR=red]Screen Size[/COLOR]    7’’ TFT LCD Touch Screen [COLOR=red]
    CPU[/COLOR]     ARM9 -VIA8505 400MHz
    [COLOR=red]Operation System[/COLOR]     Google android 1.6, upgraded to 2.1 [COLOR=red]
    Memory[/COLOR]      256 MB  NandFalsh-2G (support to 8G) 
    [COLOR=red]Photo Review[/COLOR]      JPEG,GIF [COLOR=red]
    Audio[/COLOR]      MP3 
    [COLOR=red]Video[/COLOR]      3GP, FLV and MP4 [COLOR=red]
    Dot Matrix Display[/COLOR]      800*480
    [COLOR=red]Network[/COLOR]   WIFI    802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED®   network connection/ADSL//suport external    3G USB-DONGLE wireless   network card (3G card or USB-Dongle should buy    separately).  Now   support WCDMA (HUAWEI E220/E230/E169G/E160X/E1750),    CDMA2000   (Bora9380/AWIT-U8), TD-CDMA (TD368) 3G model[COLOR=red] 
    USB Port[/COLOR]      24pins Port to USB2.0 * 2 and RJ45 Micro SD Card Port support [COLOR=red]
    Earphone Port[/COLOR]       350 mm built-in microphone Built in  [COLOR=red]
    Stereo Speaker[/COLOR]      0.5 w stereo speakers 
    [COLOR=red]Camera[/COLOR]      0.3M/Pixel [COLOR=red]
    Input[/COLOR]      100-220V 
    [COLOR=red]input[/COLOR]       1.5 A 7.4V [COLOR=red]
    DC Battery[/COLOR]      1500mAh
    [COLOR=red]Stand-by time[/COLOR]      6Hrs [COLOR=red]
    Working time[/COLOR]     3Hrs

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    Sadly you can't install windows 7 (or prior) on that device. But you may be able to install Windows CE...but I don't recommend it. Android is far better.
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    Acer Iconia A500
    Microsoft is talking about a full version of Windows that will run on an ARM processor, but that is nowhere near reality at this time.

    When thinking about these tablets it really is better to think of them in terms of a cell phone, because that is essentially the technology that they are built from.

    While an excellent Win7 Tablet is something I also long for, the hardware on our tablets is nowhere near up to the task of giving you a good, USABLE experience.

    As for Windows CE, well I tinkered around with it, and it's painful. Think Palm OS seven years ago or so.

    Besides no one is writing anything cool for WinCE anymore. -They've all gone to more viable mobile OSs to develop for.

    That also means no one is writing hardware drivers, and THAT is a major hassle.
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