10.2" Google Android 2.1 Tablet


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Jun 30, 2010
First thing you should do is search for help. Like if you want to install apps and you don't have a market search how to install apps with out a market because I know there are sites out there that will help. And I also know there is a thread here titled how to side load apps if your market won't work. That might be able to help you

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Jan 23, 2011
Hi I am new to this Android tablet stuffi am using the same one as you,when I sighned up was given the app that links to this site also links to others apps which I have loaded without problem not much help I know but as the other user says their is a way to load third party apps in the tablets menu I will get back to you with the process


May 28, 2011
Hi I have this tablet and trying to get 3g to work. Have purchased the zte and put my sims card in this, but still not able to get 3g. any help.I put the zte in and it says prepare device, but than tells me memory device damaged??

I really getting the feeling I should have spent the extra money on american made. Or at least a better product.