3Gb internal storage, Factory rest & Root


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Sep 19, 2010
Hey everybody,

I'm a newbie here and I hope someone can help me.

I've just bought a X5A apad and when I got it they said it had 4 Gb internal storage.

When I checked it in the settings > SD card ~& devic storage it only shows 262Mb not 4Gb.

So I connected the X5A to my desktop and mounted the internal storage and they in I find a folder called nand/DCIM/100ANDRO and they was the 3Gb not 4 but that is understandable most likely !Gb must be for the O/S.

My question is how do I get to install software on the 3Gb not the 262Mb?

How do you rest the unit to factory default I tryed in setting > Privacy . Factory data rest but all i does is reboot the unit but software that I installed does not get deleted and the gmail account is not delete so it did not work.

I've tryed to root the unit but the ADB does not see the unit how do yuou get the ADB to see the unit so I can root it?

Anybody can help me please please



Unit describition in the about device screen:

Model number: X5A
Firmware version: 2.1-update1
Kernel Version: 2.6.29 root@localhost#297
Build number: X5A 1.0


Aug 7, 2010
It says 262mb because that's your micro SD card not the internal storage. When you install apps they (at least for me) install on the internal memory. Sorry I can't help you with rooting but a google on a factory reset on your model apad might help.


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Aug 6, 2010
Keep in mind there are three different elements at work here. There is the operating memory, the firmware and internal storage, and not to be forgotten is the storage on the microSD/TransFlash card inserted.

The internal of your system has a dRAM chip just like you have in your PC. I Just wish Android could really take advantage of 512Mb or more RAM. Also wish they would go ahead and add the 512 on the newer units. It is not said that you will have to have 512 for 3.0, but it would be nice.

The internal storage of 2Gb-4Gb holds the firmware and the apps you install just like your PC hard drive. The annoying thing is if you load up your tablet with high storage requirement apps (read maps, or similar things which use/require cache) will use up that storage on device too quickly.

The Apps2SD does work, but has some compatibility issues.

Oh, This is the link I have used on different devices to Root http://augendev.wikispaces.com/Setup+SDK+and+ADB+Access
Rooting is generally the same on all devices, but some have to be rebooted a couple of times for it to take hold.

I would suggest finding an app backup as well to revert your unit as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you have the pain and annoyance of reloading it all over again.

Best of Luck
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