7" Tablets


Jul 31, 2010
Do you like the 7inch? does it suffice for reading and videos? and what OS do you have it running on?
7" is basically the size of 3 typical Android phones.

You can hold it comfortably in one hand.

It's the maximum portable size, and is a lot better than staring at a 3-4" screen for reading, but I'd prefer it to be a little bigger.

Honestly I thought it was a little too small when it shipped, but Android has limited support for larger resolutions, so I wouldn't push it.

Basically 480p is DVD quality. And you have it on a 7" screen. For videos it isn't bad.

Videos, as long as they are 16:9 or so, is perfect.

Here's an idea:
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7" doesn't really fit in your pocket though. You'd have to go to a bag of some sort. Here's where the build quality of typical generic tablets fail - they are really fragile without an external case.

I really wish they made more 5" tablets, but I'm told that battery life will be a concern because they have trouble fitting a good sized battery inside a smaller form factor.
lol thanks for the replies, i totally didnt mean to make this a new post XD it was supposed to be a reply to your "show off your android"