A new NC w-CM7 SD owner -- dual booted, but not yet rooted


Dec 17, 2011
As a new member, just wanted to say hi and indicate this site is great. It provided me the info I needed to get my new Nook Color up and running with CM7 on an SD card -- a few weeks ago I hadn't even heard of such a thing! I was looking at all the (junk) tablets being offered in my price range (<$150) and came across a deal for a refurbished NC with a full warranty. I then learned the glorious secret of running it as a full-blown tablet -- and I didn't need to pay the $50 for a N2A card! :) Oh, and I learned a few things in the process as well. I look forward to gleaning and giving helpful info.
Hi bradfordbunch, congratulations on the new tablet and getting CM7 onto it. Welcome to the forum, glad you decided to become a member. It's nice to hear you're looking forward to helping others, that's what the forum's all about. Have fun out there.