? about screen protectors ??


Jan 6, 2011
I have never used one on my Droid.. so have no idea if I should get one for the NC. or not.. If so.. any good recommendations ????

I live in Florida and would love to be able to take it outside .. if not in direct sun.. but under a umbrella etc...

Any good idea's ?
A screen protector is not necessary for the NOOkcolor since it has a glass screen, which although shows some fingerprints, resist almost all scratches. You would have to drop it on a sharp surface like a rock to either chip or crack the glass, in which you most likely will have bigger problem with your NC than the glass being damaged. :) The NOOKcolor's screen also has an anti-glare coating, which can't be said for the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Ipad. I've tested the the NC in direct sunlight and although not 100% glare free of course, you will have no problem reading a book outdoors in the sunlight. Reading under an umbrella would be an enjoyable and glare free.

I can provide a pic if you'd like.
That is GREAT news... Thanks...
Living in Flroida we spend loads of time outside .. not necessarily at the beach but outdoors.. so all I have to do is get a few steaks for the grill and read my nook while waiting for the steaks to grill... SWEET...