Accidentally formated the internal SD


Oct 17, 2010
I own an aPad, Android 1.6 and Samsung S3C6410 chip. According the seller this is an
Android Tablet PC-APAD-mi - wifi - 7 "écran tactile TFT-Samsung S3C6410 processeur - 667 MHz (smq5454)

When trying to fix the Android Market issue, I did a "factory reset" that really didn't reset everything. So I decided to format the 8Gb SD that was in the slot.
Unfortunately the card slipped out a little and what I really did was to format the internal one instead.
Now all I got when I power up the unit is a nice cloudy picture and that's all...

Any ideas to recover the internal SD?.

Thanks in advance.

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Well, after a long day of searching the forums and reading a lot, I understand I have to flash it, to be able to recover the unit.

However I've reached to another dead end.

I connect it to my laptop through the USB cable, and I hear some "clinks" on the laptop. After this a new unknown device appears on the Drive Manager, as "Hidroid" device, but without a driver.

When trying to install any driver (the one at the SDK) it doesn't recognize it.

Any ideas here?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jesito,

just wondering - where did you get yours, on Regarding your problem, you might want to read this thread over at Slatedroid: Samsung chip based Tablet

Thanks, Steve!. Really interesting!.

I did buy it at http://www.lightintheboxwww.***************** site (I believe is a chinese seller). I like it a lot, but unfortunately it's bricked... :(

Kind regards.
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I've gone thru all the process, picking the image file, opening the aPad, taking out the SD card, burning it, rebuilding the aPad and now what I get is the same boring cloudy moon screen...
hola jesito. pudiste resolver tu problema.... yo .. paso lo mismo ke ati.. aunque no esta tan mal el problema... yo tengo dos tablets Mid816 .. y he intentado clonar la sdinterna de una para la otra pero sin exito..

ojala hayas tenido suerte
hi, im looking to get some help and u seem to know a bit about tablet so here is my problem, i have tried to download on android market but it would download once in a while not all the time so what i used to do is to delete the cache on the applications settings and since that time i got an error message which appeared all the time and now when restart my tablet i get just to a green little man and ask to press it but nothing there anything i can do to restore the system?? please help. my tablet is techpad 7inch samsung S3C6410 from chinavasion, i think its google 1.6