Advice on hand-written notes?


Jan 23, 2011
Hi All,

I have read a number of posts related to using a tablet for taking notes, but somehow, they don't seem very conclusive, so I would like to pose the question once more. At the moment, I haven't a tablet, thus, I am looking for advice or comments on this subject. In short, I would like to use the device for taking notes during meetings/lectures, and I would also like to use it for some very limited pdf annotation. (My expectations in this regard are not too high.) What concerns me more is hand writing, and in particular, whether there are problems with resting the wrist on the screen, and whether the hardware is fast enough, so that there is no significant lag. Character recognition would be great, but not a requirement. I don't want to spend too much money on it (this is why I set my expectations low), and what has caught my attention most is the ZT-180. I have read positive reviews on it, but none has touched on writing-related subjects.
So, would you mind sharing a few thoughts on this issue? Any positive/negative experience, or caveats?
Many thanks,
in my opinion, i think looking at the resistive screen tablets is a good first step. the implementation of note taking shouldn't be that difficult (draw a line at every point reported in a drag event). you could probably even use Google's AppInventor RAD tools to develop your own apk that would provide this functionality if you can't find an app already authored/released.
I use maple paint for notetaking with a stylus on both my resistive screen S7 and my capacitive GTab. Works a treat.
Thanks for the comments! I have also been thinking of the resistive touchscreens, both because they tend to be cheaper, and move accurate, but isn't there a problem when you touch the screen at two points at the same time (which would happen, if you make your wrist rest on it)? Or was your comment about the development of an app related to this?