Allwinner a10 ICS Compilation Tutorial for Android 4.0.3 and kernel 3.0.8?


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Jan 30, 2012
With the recently released/leaked android ics source code along with its kernel for the Allwinner a10 board, i was wondering how come no one has put up instructions to compile it until we get a single image to flash it into the device using livesuite or whichever official tool is used.

I found the kernel compilation process as straightforward as any other. For others, kernel compile hopefully that helps

I built the AOSP source code and got the system images. But i'm still unable to figure out the LAST part where i have to actually make it all into a single file.

Oh, another thing i think i forgot is how to make it device specific. i read some conversations which said something about script.bin etc etc. I was wondering if anyone had any idea about that!


p.s: quick question on enabling in-built 3g support during kernel compilation process. Which module am i supposed to enable for inbuilt 3g to work?
Here is a basic compilation process..

When you extract the two zip files,

|__ lichee
|__ android4.0

will be the directory structure

$ cd lichee
$ cd linux-3.0
$ make arch=ARM menuconfig
//Go ahead and select whatever module you want to select
$ cd ..
$ ./ -p <select platform> -k 3.0

//once the build process finishes
$ cd ../android4.0
$ source build/
$ lunch
//select the platform
$ extract_bsp
$ make
//this will take a long time
$ pack

There is only one thing that i don't know at this point in time. I'm not sure how to make it device specific. So if someone can fill in that information it would be great! :)
Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if you could point me to a guide on how to root an ONN M3. It uses the allwinner a10. Thank you