Amazon Free App of the Day

Does anyone else think that getting rid of the FAOTD was a really dumb idea? Now there is no reason to check out the app store every day.
I'm sure Amazon thought that the Underground program would take the place of the app store.
On the old device that I've got it installed on, I get notifications about app updates but when I check the old app store, it doesn't show.
I only downloaded one app, as a test app, and haven't had anything detrimental occur as a result of using the Underground. Still, I'm wondering what happens to these apps when they no longer participate in the program. Guess only time will tell.
No, for me it's like searching the app store with a qualifier of "Free". Tons and tons of garbage to sift through.
yep. Seems like they think we're all pre-teens that only use our devices to play games. Whatever their reasoning is, they won't categorize the apps to any logical order. They do recommend that I learn Spanish and Japanese, for some reason, though.
I didn't even bother installing "Underground". Like the rest of you, no desire to sift through crud. No desire to have the Amazon store app on my devices, and no point in having two apps that do the same thing.
I installed it yesterday. A lot of hoops to jump through for the one app I wanted.
So I happened on the App Store yesterday and they have a ton of new apps. I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled and still ddn't reach the end. Whoever is in charge of their marketing ought to be fired. This is like the dumbest idea ever.
I think they just wanted to get out from under the FAOTD, and this was how they chose to do it.:(
Appears now that Amazon is only releasing updates, to previously installed apps, through the underground app. Underground says I have 5 updates while the appstore says I have none.
Looks like they are calling them Actually Free now. They have added some new ones. If you do not have Monument Valley yet, I can recommend that.