Android 5????????

My boot time on my thrive w/honeycomb is pretty good. Prob like 30-45 secs. My htc evo on gingerbread takes up to 5 mins

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Well isn't that strange

My htc evo 3d boots in 15 seconds -I checked it 4 times.
As already stated this isn't necessarily true. ICS is not optimized for any hardware but it is optimized compared to previous versions of Android so it should run faster on all devices. Google has made a big effort with ICS to streamline Android and get rid of some of the lag and bloat, particularly that was in the Honeycomb build.
While it may or may not be true. Cold boot times can vary from 50 seconds onwards on HC but from sleep mode it does even take a second before it is up.

With every upgrade OS the earlier version chipsets like TEGRA 2 will be slower - unless they have stripped down the source code that heavily. There has to be some advantage that a device with a TEGRA 3 has over the TEGRA 2 otherwise what is the point in getting a TEGRA 3 device. I have seen it in PC, MACS and all other devices like phones. The processing power of htc evo 3d is faster than the htc evo.

Until I see ICS fly on this A500 I not going to get excited.