Android excited

Dec 5, 2010
Been looking forward to buying my first tablet for a while. After waiting and looking around for and researching for a while I decided on the veiwsonic gtablet for price and the fact that I have been dying to try out the android os. Little upset I didn't look into it a little more it is very nice and runs smooth except for the occasional memory crash on programs, it just up sets me that veiwsonic advertise it as being flash ready its even on the box yet its not installed and can't be easily installed thru the market because its third party and doesn't even have the plugin in there library. I'm sure soon enough there will either be an update from veiwsonic or a way around this. And that is my reason for joining this site. It will be very useful. Thank you to the people who work hard to make this site run.


Nov 11, 2010
this site has a lot of good information and everyone is very helpful, welcome!


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Nov 26, 2010
Hey KushyMansbridge:

and the fact that I have been dying to try out the android os

That makes two of us!.. although i'm sure quite a lot more than that. Welcome to the website, and i'm sure you'll enjoy it. Make sure to get the app that has. I use this on my Droid2 and soon both of my tablets. It's located at this thread -