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Jul 30, 2010
I am a Moto Droid X owner. I was wondering if I bought a tablet would I be able to download the apps I have paid for on my X to a tablet device without having to pay for them again. I am assuming that as long as I sign in with my same gmail account that all should be good. Just want to be sure before I by a tablet.
I don't have a second device to test this, but I think Apps are tethered to both device and Google account. You could always back up your apps on your X and manually install them on your tablet.
i am not exactly sure either because i havent bought an app yet but once you find out let us know :)
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Please Help cause I am new to this...:D
Can maps be saved somewhere on tablets. I have an android 4.0
The apps you bought are yours forever. But, your Android tablet has to have the Google Play app (The Market). Some of the cheap knock-off tablets will not down load from Google Play. I have an Acer tablet and two Droid phones and every app is on all three devices. Also, There may be an app or two that is not compatible with the bigger screen of a tablet. In which case most of the time it will still download but may not look right. Google is working on correcting that by standardizing apps into the newer version operating system.
I agree with Jgumphress, and hope this is another confirmation for you. This post on the Droid X Forum might help. The OP doesn't really apply to your question, but look at some of the others, especially the 5th post: Will my Droid-X apps and games still run?...

I don't have a Droid X and you might already know about this forum, but if you don't, it looks like a good one to find answers. Here is the home page: Droid X Forum
I have had basic wm8650 based devices to which I downloaded apps. After getting a better tab I can still load them to this one as long as they are compatible with the device. You do need to list the device in your google acount though.

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