Any low priced phone and plan to use as main phone and tethering for my S7?


Dec 13, 2010
Hey everyone, I can get only 2g at&t and t-mobile at home but, can get fast verizon. I use to have a at&t tilt and 8525 winmo 6.5 I used to use to tether my laptop when I lived in town. I know I could use one of those for at&t and get a cheap one off ebay. I would like any and all for input in this. I love my S7 and want to use it all the time However, I am in need of a smaller unit (phone) at times and would like to use it to tether my S7. I would like to thanks all for any help or suggestion you may have.


S7 rooted, running 768mhz option to overclock and apps2sd

I'm in South Georgia, USA