Using Claro Latin America sim card on the S7 and using adhoc connection to my PC


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Nov 24, 2010
My cell phone and internet provider is Claro Puerto Rico, but since I know Claro services Latin America, I thought this might be useful to others using this company. I have a Globe Surfer III as my home internet service and I simply removed the sim card from it, installed it on the S7 and added the following on the APN info as instructed by Claro:


That's it. A few seconds later I was web surfing with 3G data with download speeds up to 2,100k and uploads of up to 600k. I also created an adhoc connection to my PC with easy tether and the S7 is providing a rock solid connection to my PC. This is great since my internet service includes 3G roaming and I can now take my S7 here in PR or stateside when I travel and get unlimited 3G. I love my S7 more everyday.
Hope I don't drop it again, which actually happened when setting this up :)