any luck with market place?


Jan 10, 2011
Has anyone had any luck with the market place? Any idea on some guides to try? It's killin me not having this, i really like the tablet, i just really want the marketplace
Just and I just back up my apk's on my droid phone and upload them to dropbox and then use my Cruz tablet to download the apk from dropbox.
I haven't checked this out yet, but I use DropBox between my reader, computer, and Android cellphone to move files around. I am wondering since the phone has market place, if I locate the .apk file for an app, if I'd be able to copy it to Dropbox and get it to my reader in that manner.. I know it's not as fast but it might be a way to get the apps you want.. I will try it and if it works will let you know.

And duh.. I posted this then noticed later the post above mentioning Dropbox when I came back in here just now. I did get a couple .apx files off my phone, but they were some I downloaded from online. Anyone know where the .apx files from the Marketpalce are saved?
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I load them up via the custom ROM available on They have few variations available but I like the JGM v4.0.

It comes with Android Market access and allows you to store apps on the SD card.
If you have a sd card reader on your computer, just make a directory on the Cruz sd card called APPS, download the apps with your computer, then just copy them over to the sd card/APPS directory.....I have over 3000 apps that I had on my computer, and did the same thing, and worked fine....problem is....a LOT of apps will NOT work on the Cruz since it has a MIPS processor....