Apps on Dopo tablet were moved to an SD Card that didn't exist, HELP


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Jun 20, 2014
Here is the deal, my son has the Dopo 7" Tablet. I had 2 SD Cards that I was checking out on my daughters tablet to see what was on them and if I could go ahead and erase and give my son my old 8gb card and my 2gb card to my daughter.

At the time his tablet had no SD Card installed or mounted. He somehow managed to move his apps to a "4gb" card and now the apps still show on the home screen in each separate folder, but when you open the folder and try to open it up to play it says: "App isn't installed"

So he freaked out (kept his cool which made me proud) and I told him to breath so I can look at the settings and storage. There was no SD Card in the tablet as previously stated. HOWEVER...... when I swipe in the "Apps" under "Device" it says there all on an card that does not exist. I'm an Apple user, but have owned a couple Android Motorola phone, so I am experienced in both Apple and Android.. I personally think that the apps were deleted, but he was able to move them to an sd card that never existed.

When I swipe the screen to view "ON SD CARD" it shows all the apps. So I tap on an app and tap "Move to tablet" and it says, "Couldn't move app. App doesn't exist"

I can provide photos of his screen if needed!! I use tinyurl.

Current info:

Dopo 7" Tablet
Model: EM63
Android Version: 4.1.1

Any and all help is appreciated. Like I said, I think the apps are gone, but I could be wrong. Thanks guys/gals!! First post here and a major issue, but hey I'll know where to go for our next issues!!


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Jun 16, 2012
The apps are gone and need to be reinstalled. Reinstalling the apps will fix the problem.


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Mar 24, 2011
At least you won't have to pay for them again, but the data will probably be gone.:(