Archos 101 and portable hard drives


Jan 12, 2011
I have an external hard drive (Seagate Go Classic) that will be a perfect accessory for my Archos when it arrives. I hope. That is I hope it arrives and I hope this will be a perfect accessory. You know what I mean.

So will the USB port power a portable hard drive? Does it put a significant drain on the battery? How is the speed when running videos (.avi) from an external drive? Will I be forced to copy to the SD to watch videos?

Off on a tangent now...should I avoid class 2 MicroSD cards in this device?

I am expecting to recieve my Archos 101 on Wednesday and I expect to pick up an external drive while I am there. I have a Seagate drive but I'm not sure if I want to use it after I read this thread: [Q] Problem with Archos 101 USB port and external HHD - xda-developers.

Is there a portable external drive that has proven to work with the 101 without any issues? It would be best if it didn't need that Y cable that some portables come with, as the 101 only has one host port.
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There are some drives which will not work due the power draw. I have used my Archos A5, a 1.8inch Toshiba 30Gb, and a low power USB Western Digital. I noticed it did drop the power faster, but I did not leave it on beyond just copying files.

It will work with a class 2 without issue. Most of the older SD cards are Class 2 or 4 and I used both in testing.