archos 101 or herotabmid816


Dec 6, 2010
well my eyes are bleeding from all the selection . so i want the archos for all it has but would the herotab do the same? i know the screen is different but do the cheaper ones get the same job done as the archos? also why is the 101 almost the same price as the 70. thought it would be cheaper for less glass.


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Aug 6, 2010
The cost of production is not that much different between a 70 and a 101. Think in terms of same basic elements. The only difference is the increase per unit for the 101 glass. Otherwise, it is the same. I cannot give you an honest comparison. I can compare the 101 to an IPad or the tablets I own. I will take my A101/16 any day for weight (Lack of), functionality. (I am not having the problems other have.) and speed. The only thing I wish it had was 512Mb and not 256Mb. Then it would be close to perfect. I would not be surprised if Archos does not release a 512Mb/16 and a 512/32 in the near future. I am confident it would perform better. I find I have to close apps to maintain performance capabilty I desire. But I have not had locks, freezes others.

I could be considered an Archos Fanboi. but I have had a love/hate relationship with Archos since my Gen 4 504/80. There are many things I could complain about but they are about my older Archos 7HT or even my A5/500.
HeroTab makes a good unit. I have the X5A. The 816 should be rugged, but it may also be heavy. And I Do NOT want heavy. I want Strong and light. Thus far the (1.1 lb/.5Kg) 101 is great. My X5A weighs about the same and is only a 7 inch.

But that is my opinion.