Archos 101 Titanium Tablet With Touchscreen And Other Problems


Junior Member
Nov 27, 2017
My wife inherited the title tablet from an uncle who had bought it in May 2013. For a long while she had no use for it as she already had an Amazon Fire tablet. When the latter became unusable I tried to resurrect the Archos. I charged it, but it ran very slowly, also when the power button was pressed to put it in "sleep" it always switched off completely instead. I refreshed the Android 4.1.1 OS from the Archos site then noticed the touchscreen lost its accuracy and operated the wrong buttons. I subsequently flashed the OS also, but no change. Strange thing is the touchscreen seems OK on some pages, but not on others.

Scanning the web for help it seems that the problem might be in ROM but to try rectify that seems to involve rooting which is new to me and seems a "place of no return" so I am apprehensive.

Can anyone help please?