Archos 70 versus Advent Vega?


Dec 9, 2010

Yep, I'm still trying to make a decision...

xaueious suggested I consider the Vega, and looking over reviews of that, it's a serious choice. For a little less I can get the Archos 70, and I confess that for portability I like the thought of a 7" screen over the 10.1" Vega.

My main requirements are:
Ability to handle Microsoft Office documents and PDFs
Decent battery life when working with documents (5+ hours, ideally)
Rotational sensor

I like the fact that by upping my original budget a bit, I'm now looking at capacative, rather than resistive screens, although some of the reviews of the Vega screen are a little negative. Is the lack of Android Marketplace on the Archos a real problem (I understand there's a simple workaround for that problem with the Vega).

As always, thanks in advance for any help, and I'll reitterate my thanks for those who've already patiently helped out this newbie. :)

Best (and all the best for the coming New Year),