New Archos 70 Brings Impressive Price And Spec Sheet


Sep 21, 2010

The year is almost over with the best Android tablet still being the Samsung Galaxy Tab; Archos wants to start the next year by stealing that title. The new Archos 70 is a Windows, Android, and Linux based tablet that is very well priced and comes with a spec list that should make you happy you didn’t jump on the tablet scene too early. The 250 GB, 7 inch tablet has a lot of ups, but sadly isn't all perct, with a few downs. These downs include that disappointing 800x480 screen resolution, oh and not to mention the impressionable slow 1 GHz processor.

Now let’s talk features;

Android 2.2
250-gigabyte hard drive
Processor: ARM Cortex A8 @ 1 GHz
7-inch TFT LCD display at 800x480
Dimensions: 7.91x4.49x0.55 inches
Weight: 14 ounces
720p video playback

Anyone looking to acquire a new tablet now?

As a Hi-def multimedia tablet, users will experience:
• A huge storage capacity to store up to 250 movies
• A full multimedia experience, with 720p HD video playback
• Built-in web cam for chatting with friends and family
• With the HDMI output function, you can view the full Android interface on your TV in High Definition, including all the apps, not only video playback like other tablets on the market
• Play 3D games from your TV and use your tablet as the steering-wheel/control
• Unique Android Multimedia applications designed by ARCHOS such as:
o Movie information and cover retrieval in video file info dialog
o 3D animated photo frame with ability to display pictures from Facebook, Flickr and Picassa directly through WiFi
o Music cover carrousel allows quick browsing of your music album covers
• A lot of applications with Appslib to fit your lifestyle including games, books, music, social media, recipes, news and sports

Source (Archos 70 available now for $350, sports 250GB hard drive, Android 2.2 | Android Central)
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Nov 22, 2010
Looks SD card slot, but a lot of inside seems to have something around 2GB for apps...


Dec 27, 2010
I think im going to return my Huawei S7 and pick up a Archos 70, seems much better especially with a multi touch glass screen vs capacity screen what do u guys think? it's only 49$ more + i got a 100$ gift card from bestbuy so would cost me nothing to make the swap. Not sure when bestbuy will have them in stock.


Oct 19, 2010
All of the Gen8 devices that have flash storage have ONE glaring defect and that is the data partition. It is 299 meg and even with apps2sd is VERY limiting. They need to be repartitioned desperately and be given at least 1 gig. This can easily be done by Archos as there is a SINGLE Toshiba NAND chip being used. As for the 250 it has 1.4 gig for the /data partition BUT apps2sd in Froyo is a no go as the 250 gig HD is recognized as internal (read as SD) storage and moving apps is not allowed. So any apps, read games, that have 100's of meg for download post install all goes to this 1.4 gig partition and CANNOT be moved.


Nov 26, 2010
I ordered on on Sunday and received it today. Very fast shipping which came with a free priority upgrade from SimplyElectronics, which was great since I had free shipping to start. I still have to play around and get familiar with it, but so far I like. It's my first tablet so I'm excited and happy about it. I'm not sure about linking rules so I'll leave it out, but SimplyElectronics has them for $345 with free shipping. It was a great deal in my eyes and seeing that it came via DHL from Hong Kong in just a few days, with a tracking number, I am heavily impressed by this company. Especially after my fiasco with Archos themselves. I'm not a tablet expert but I'm pretty sure most people would be happy to have this one haha.


Dec 27, 2010
I returned my S7 today and order an Archos 70 -250gig from Amazon for $345 as well and will be receiving it tomorrow 1 day shipping. How much ram does it have I thought it was 1GHz processor and 512mb of ram, correct me if i'm wrong?