Install Market v3.4.4 on Archos Arnova 7 G2 without root or flashing.

Feb 29, 2012
I wanted to install Google Market version 3.4.4 on my Arnova 7 G2, but i didn´t want to install any custom firmware or even root my device. I just wanted to keep the original ROM from Arnova and just add Google Market and other Google apps. After some research and some tries i was able to install Google Market v3.4.4 in my Arnova 7 G2. I think there are many people in my situation so i decided to post here the method i used to help others too.
With this procedure you can install market v3.4.4 in your Arnova 7 G2 running the official stock ROM from Arnova. Just follow the steps above.

• DOWNLOAD FILES HERE: Market.3.4.4.rar
• extract the files you downloaded;
• connect the tablet to the pc or use your preffered method to transfer files;
• transfer the files to the internal storage or SD card on the tablet;
• put all files in a folder ie (Market.3.4.4);
• disconnect the tablet from pc;
• using the pre installed file browser in the tablet, browse to the folder you just transfered;
• install the files in the following order:

1. GoogleServicesFramework.apk
2. OneTimeInitializer.apk
3. SetupWizard.apk
4. Gmail.apk
5. Vending-3.4.4-signed.apk
6. Talk-signed.apk (optional install)
7. Maps.apk (optional install)

NOTE: If you have an older market version installed, just install the gmail.apk and Vending-3.4.4-signed.apk and they will be updated.

After installing all the apps, you will probably get an error. If it happens folow the above steps:
1. go into settings/manage apps;
2. Click on Google framework and Clear the cache files (if you have no cache files delete the data files);
3. Do the same thing (clear cache files and/or delete the data files) for Gmail and Market apps;
4. Now power down and up again (reboot);
5. DONT LAUNCH THE MARKET YET, but launch Gmail first and login (It should work);
6. Now you can launch the Market and Enjoy.

This method worked for me and i hope it works for you too. Thanks :)
Nice post, Tiago - Obrigado!

I have used the ArcTools package (available on the AppsLib store) to do tha same on our Archos 101T G8.

But more ways to do a job are always helpful. Cheers!
Hello, thankyou for your help. i followed you instructions and i now have market. But no apps are available, and when i search facebook it says it is now compatible with my device. how can i get all the apps?