Asus Eee Pad Transformer Android 4.0/ICS Update Now Rolling Out Globally


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Jan 5, 2011

Just as we reported yesterday, the tasty Ice Cream Sandwich treat is dropping today world-wide for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. This update will bring you to ICS 4.0.3 with build number IML74L.US.epad-9.2.11-20120221. If you haven't received the automatic push yet, just tap on Settings/About Tablet/System Updates and you should be able to pull it.

What a great weekend gift! :D

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I have installed, running for past 30 min. No intensive tests yet. But W00t. I am impressed. If you have your tablet encrypted and use a keyboard dock, it is functional from the beginning. And a much faster boot from Full encryption unlock. Will add any other differences as I experience them
Otherwise, it is more responsive and the Network connection is better too.
I installed the new firmware this morning, no serious troubles so far although the sensitivity of the keyboard dock touchpad seems off a bit, but I haven't really had time to play around with it much.

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All is right again with the keyboard dock, seems to have adjusted itself, no reboot required. Overall the system seams snappier, all my important apps work great, haven't tried any entertainment apps yet but will tonight. Quite pleased so far.

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I downloaded last night, but have only just had a chance to check it out this afternoon. It's great so far. It loads apps faster, and I'm glad to finally have folders for a cleaner, more organized home screen. So far I love it.

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tablet. i have toactivate a recent download (lower right) then when that page loads, hit the return key in lowe left screen to get an unlocked and functioning homepage. urgggggg!

asus transformer ee tablet.
translation for my garbled post. After downloading and installing firmware up date, my talet does not unlock. i have to unlock though download icons.
It unlocks differently now. Touch the lock icon. When a ring appears move the ring over to the unlock icon so it incircles it.
Word of concern. I had/have Plants vs Zombies. It was working prior to an update with PopCap today. Now, nada. May be Pop Cap update, may be Firmware. Otherwise, all still is good.
I downloaded few days back , but Iam not impressed. Nothing has changed much. As for desktop customization I was already using go launcher, which is free and allowed me excellent desktop customization while still on 3.2 . I feel, ICS has made the browsing slower on the stock browser. I may be wrong....Would love to hear from others. I have asus transformer.
I think the main point of ICS was one version to run them all. I don't use the stock browser but Opera seems basically unchanged, although overall the system send a little more fluid. Little changes here and there make the OS seem a little more polished, but I wasn't really expecting any dramatic changes.
I've installed the update but now get a blue lego style block with two ? marks in it for pictures, this has probably come up before but any suggestions as to how to get rid of greatly appreciated.

Also, just where do you find the right browser settings to stop viewing mobile versions of webs site?