Blue legos on my tablet...


Jan 4, 2012
Ok so i cant find apps to watch tv without real app markets..but youtube always works..i mean it buffers, adobe flash player is an evaluation copy..been tryin to download diff apps in hopes to b able to watch movies...but now for example wen i go into youtube where before would b a green arrow i had to press for video to play, now theres a blue lego with question mark..whats that about n wut do i do to fix this? Please help...
Thanks..Kimie Klutch
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Sorry can't help, mine has just started doing the same. No matter which browser I use. I can not play any videos, I just get the blue lego.
That means your adobe flash isnt being recognized.
yeaa i kno that the copy that came with mytablet is the evaluation opy of adobe flashplayer i tid downloading othr stuff since i dnt have ral Android market eithr n now i got the lego i need not help knowing wuts wrong but how to fix n mayb where to get flash plugin anyone wana rade their xbox360 for my android tablet i miss real gaming