Brand New AV-8088 Highlander Cruze No Internal Memory


May 20, 2011

Have just acquired a Highlander Cruze AV-8088

Model #AV-P8088 Version 9

Firmware Version: 2.1-Update 1

Baseband Bersion

Kenrnel Version
Build Number
device-eng 2.1 -update 1 ER27 eng.qiangcheng.201110115.145636 test-keys

Already having some (hopefully easily resolved) issues:

1. Switching off the Device causes a factory reset !
i.e On restart see the Calbration screen, and all the Email Wifi customisation settings are gone ... Grrrr.... :mad:

2. Internal memory shows as 0.00kb, have a 16Gb MicroSD, and unable to download Apps from Market, "sorry you do not have sufficient space to install" error... This is a brand new item so no Cache to clear etc... though no internal memory seems weird...:confused:

Have reset the 'Droid via the Reset with a PaperClip option, no change to internal space listing.. any all thoughts gratefully received !


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Hi, I'm repairing one with the same characteristics and the same problem, accomplish restore factory settings from the configuration menu, and recognized the local volume and stores all settings, but wrong in Internet with certificate errors and apps not want to install, says it is incompatible ...