Brand new.. trying to upgrade to 2.2 but getting Error MSG


Nov 27, 2010
I tried to OTA my device to 2.2 but I keep getting an error message. I even tried to download it from the Archos site and drag it to the drive...

Error Message:
The update file is not valid
this update is for another kind of device (207)

Any ideas?
We need more details. You realize of course there are MANY different Archos models. And you provide in your post is inadequate detail. Provide current model and which firmware to which unit. This will help provide better assistance.
I can tell you exactly what's happening - the download isn't completing before it's trying to install.

You need to manually download the file to your PC, move it over to your Archos, and install from there.

Direct download link:

I'm going to post a link in a new thread for upgrading from Android 2.1 -> 2.2, as well as installing Google Market (the version that works on Froyo/2.2 - the Google Market link that many people have posted in the past is only for 2.1)
See my other thread. :)
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hey i had the same problem on archos 101 (gen8) going from stock (2.1) to the OTA 2.2 sorry dont know update versions. it worked with better reception for me (atleast 3 bars)