Building and changing android img for M701 w/ HDMI

Oct 17, 2010
Hello everyone. I have an M701 with HDMI and would like to modify the android that runs it. I wonder if there is a tutorial or howto to start changing the image. A very detailed tutorial would be helpful, even if you have reviewed the software tools necessary.

I really enjoyed the personal initiative of porting 2.2 for M701 penalty but we have not (yet) the video acceleration drivers.

can not wait to get my M701 to run Android and even better if I can customize the image of him as I like (Brazilian users)

Thanks in advance.

See'ya... :eek:


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Jul 9, 2010
rgb565 is the second boot image. other stuff can be located at xda x5a thread, otherwise the other android tablet forum
Oct 17, 2010

But I wanted to access the contents of the img and modify them to add or remove programs and increase the speed of some parts.

Asure ... could you help me?

Would you like a howto or a starting point ...


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Aug 6, 2010
Asure does not visit this forum much, The question of modding img files is not usually discussed at length on this Android Tablets I would suggest googling (modify m701 android img image) This would be a good place to start. The XDA is for development of new images and ROMs. What you are talking about is being a ROM noodler. The other Android Tablet forum depending upon model discuss this at length. The M701/x5a/... have a fairly active modding community. The search will likely reveal the desired search result.