Camera Apps


Feb 1, 2011
So what apps have people found to work with the camera. I can condirm that my camera works after I took the unit apart and snapped the cammera back on to the circuit board.
but it only seems to work with the build in camera app.

I'd like to use it with scanner apps or video chat.

Anyone have results on how to get other app to recognise it?
There are a ton of threads and discussions here on both topics (Camera Apps for Picture and Camera Apps for Video Chat). You might try a search for these key words
Sorry, I didn't see any threads specific to the flytouch II.

I guess my question is how to you get the camera to work with a basic barcode scanner app. I thought Redlaser would work, but it doesn't seem to. Do I need a generic barcode service app?

I just got my Flytouch 3 and I'm having the same problem.

I downloaded a couple scanner apps and they're not working. They try and scan but the camera doesn't see the code and nothing appears on the screen. It's like the camera is turned off.

I'm also wondering why the apps I use on my cell phone aren't available in the app market on the flytouch... Is it because of different android versions? There don't seem to be a lot of apps for 2.2

Any help is appreciated!