Capacitive Screen and Stylus


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Sep 24, 2010
Does anyone have any experience with this combination that they would like to share? In my day job role as an engineer I find myself still having to draw quite a bit, copying white boards etc as we work through systems designs.

Up to now I have been VERY happy with my LiveScribe pen and note paper, but am thinking I could look at doing it with something like MaplePaint on my G-Tab. I have already tested the concept with the S7 and the stylus on the resistive screen, but am wanting to try the capacitive now.

Anyone? Any experience or thoughts?

there aren't many capacitive stylus options available and the one's I've seen are either homebrewed or stubby "marker" tips or weird metal rings.

Stylus input is one place where resistive screens are the better option.

That will change in the near future as a capacitive screen that works with a stylus (and gloved fingers) has already been demonstrated, but hasn't found its way into any consumer products yet.
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Capacative styli nibs have to be about 7mm plus wide and tend to be rubbery... That's all I know I'm afraid.

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There are several different kinds on the market actually currently being marketed at iPad Styli, especially from BoxWave. Since the last replacement stylus I bought was from them I have faith in that product, just not sure I want to drop $15 yet.

As far as testing the concept goes, if you take any regular stylus and cover the tip with regular anti-static film (like the stuff pc parts are packed in) it actually works, so a fine tip should be a possibility. Like I said in the first post all I am really looking for is the ability to do some basic flowcharting and EE designs on the screen.